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Soundtrack to the silent epic masterpiece 'Faust' (Directed by F.W. Murnau 1926).

Composed by Geoff Smith
Performed by: Geoff Smith: microtonal, chromatic and diatonic hammered dulcimers and vocal.
Philippe Barnes: concert, alto and bass flutes.

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Be ready for a bit of a wait, this file is 103 MB.

Disc One

01 The Portals of Darkness  7.78 MB
02 Mephisto Descends Upon The Town   3.23 MB
03 The Plague  7.15 MB
04 The Hedonists 3.67 MB
05 There Is No Cure  4.48 MB
06 Faust Summons Mephisto  8.58 MB
07 Faust Sells His Soul
  6.22 MB
08 Miraculous Powers   11.2 MB
09 Eternal Youth  18.2 MB
10 Disillusioned
  8.51 MB  

Disc Two

01 Gretchen  10.3 MB
02 Faust Meets Gretchen  23.3 MB
03 Mephisto's Plot  6.71 MB
04 Gretchen's Family are Murdered  6.88 MB
05 Gretchen is Alone  3.21 MB
06 Gretchen is Condemned  16.4 MB
07 One Word Breaks the Pact  12.5 MB


Click on the following link to access the streaming audio of the soundtrack for:
Haxan - Witchcraft through the Ages
(Sweden/Denmark 1922, Dir. Benjamin Christensen)


Risperidone Years - A film by Hugh Card, Pete Durgerian with music by Geoff Smith.  Voice by Jess Davies.

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Free downloads - a selection of extracts and complete tracks

View a 3 min film extract from 'Faust' with Geoff's soundtrack: 'Faust' extract

Three brief mp3 extracts are available here:

‘The Cabinet of Dr Caligari' extract (1.1 MB)

'Mina' extract (0.9 MB)

'Ferocious Tenderness' extract (0.7 MB)

‘The Cabinet of Dr Caligari' extract is taken from Track 5: Act 5 of ‘The Cabinet of Dr Caligari' film soundtrack.
The 'Mina' and 'Ferocious Tenderness' extracts are taken from the 'Salome' and 'Ferocious Tenderness' albums.
Complete downloads of ‘Mina', ‘Ferocious Tenderness' and ‘Boom!' are available below (see Compact Discs page for more information and to buy CDs on line).‘Boom!' is a new unreleased track.

Two complete mp3 tracks are available here:

'Mina' (3.8 MB)

'Ferocious Tenderness' (6.8 MB)