The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
Geoff's third CD album is 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari' and is available on Animato records.
This is his score for the classic German expressionist silent film 'The Cabinet of Dr.Caligari' (1919, Dir. Robert Wiene).

The film soundtrack utilises microtonal, chromatic, diatonic dulcimers and vocals and consists of six tracks which correspond to the six acts in the film:

(1) Act I
(2) Act II
(3) Act III
(4) Act IV
(5) Act V
(6) Act VI

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Geoff's second CD album is 'Salome' and is available on Animato records.

The CD comprises the seven episodes of Shakti and the Vasanta Mala dance company's ballet production of 'Salome'.

(1) Persona (Microtonal Dulcimer)
(2) Mystery of Innocence (Chromatic Dulcimer)
(3) Child Soldier (Microtonal Dulcimer)
(4) Sweet Love (Chromatic Dulcimer)
(5) Ferocious Tenderness (Microtonal Dulcimer)
(6) Pale Powder Blue (Chromatic Dulcimer)
(7) Stream of Consciousness (Microtonal Dulcimer)

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Ferocious Tenderness
Geoff's first CD album 'Ferocious Tenderness' is currently unavailable.
(However, Please note: Four of the tracks on 'Ferocious Tenderness' were also chosen to form part of the score for the ballet production of 'Salome' and consequently also feature on the 'Salome' album).

'Ferocious Tenderness' consists of six tracks - a spectrum of instrumentals and songs:

(1) Mystery of Innocence (Chromatic Dulcimer)
(2) I Let You Pass Me By (Chromatic Dulcimer)
(3) Rome (Chromatic Dulcimer)
(4) Mina (aka Sweet Love in 'Salome')
(5) Pale Powder Blue Mac (aka Pale Powder Blue in 'Salome')
(6) Ferocious Tenderness (Microtonal Dulcimer)

Crystal Night
Geoff was the founder member of the band 'Attacco Decente' with whom he released numerous albums and toured the U.K. and Europe extensively between 1986-1996. Two ‘Attacco Decente’ albums are available to buy online: ‘Crystal Night’ and ‘The Baby Within Us Marches On’ .

‘Crystal Night’ comprises eleven tracks, nine of which are songs.

(1) Never Give In
(2) Turn The Magic On
(3) Crystal Night
(4) Here Comes My Train
(5) The Future In Your Face
(6) Chastity
(7) When I’m In You (and You’re In Me)
(8) Daydreams In Mirrors
(9) Shining Angel
(10) Catacombs of Straw
(11) Powerless

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The Baby Within Us Marches On
‘The Baby Within Us Marches On’ comprises ten songs.

(1) The Will of One
(2) Fear of Freedom
(3) Don’t Join Their Army
(4) The Bully
(5) Natural Anger
(6) Dad Was God
(7) There Comes a Time
(8) The Middle Ages
(9) The Rose Grower
(10) The Baby Within us Marches on

Special offer package: three CDs for the price of one. If you buy ‘The Baby Within Us Marches On’ you will also receive free copies of the ‘Attacco Decente’ edition mini albums ‘I Don’t Care How long it Takes’ and ‘The Will of One’.

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